Mira Maven

Indulge Yourself

We all deserve some Playtime

Edged with a degree in Mathematics I’m a naturally submissive BDSM enthusiast, fetish model, and AV actress. I am knowledgeable, smart and kinky to the core! As a professional submissive I can flexibly tune in to whatever roles you’ve imagined while we both explore and enjoy your kinks, share a few smiles and some of the most exotic games there are. The only catch is that I’m addictive. I’m a (sometimes) bratty power bottom who’s eager, attentive and intricately wary of the needs and desires of my partner. I love to play into their energy and give them exactly the attitude they’re looking for.

I’m a discreet and trustworthy person who will listen to your deepest secrets and your darkest fantasies excitedly on the edge of my seat – without judgment. I’m a warm listener who takes great pleasure in helping people find dominance in themselves. I also carry a distinct “put me in my place” aura around that will tempt you to push harder and give it your all! I’m a damn hot goth-punk bitch whose attitude shows I’m always down to play.

I’d love to tempt you into the darkest parts of your psyche and I’ll gladly meet you there. Once we play together you’ll start to feel your dominant self coming into your own. With each passing day, the traces of our experiences will sink deeper into you. The wonderful memories giving you a place to build burning confidence that grows with each passing day. I will talk to you, I will listen to you; Inviting you to join me in my world of psychodrama, excitement, and catharsis.

If you think you can keep up then let’s have some fucked-up fun together!

Common Inquiries

Do you offer non-sexual service?

I love to perform non-sexual service and to play in a non-sexual way! It's a common myth that BDSM is a primarily sexual activity or that sexual attraction is necessary to enjoy the experience. In reality some of the best scenes and sessions can be two adults who jive well enjoying a came between the two of them that scratches a need that isn't fulfilled outside of the realm of roleplay and fantasy.

Do you take same-day bookings?

While there are a few rare occurrences where a same-day booking may be possible these are typically only when I'm travelling and have had a cancellation. Typically my screening process takes at least 3 days for a first time client, and after that bookings can be made within 48 hours regularly. For certain types of bookings, such as bookings that involve marking, I will need to schedule in advance to ensure there isn't a conflict with healing times and my other obligations.

Do you serve women? Men? Trans People? Couples? &c.

Absolutely! I love to work with other trans and queer clientele and I love working with other women! I also thoroughly enjoy working with couples, polycules, and other groups as well! There's no limit to the types of people I enjoy working with so if you're at all interested please reach out!

Are you disability inclusive?

YES! I work to accommodate all of my clients' disability needs as well as is possible. I have some disabilities myself, and I'm neurodivergent as well. I promise to handle your needs with curtsey, compassion, and empathy. I also am competent (although still learning) ASL and am happy to work with deaf and hard of hearing clients as well! I'm trained in how to engage with kink and BDSM in ASL too, so I'll be able to communicate with you if you're able to be patient with me 🙂

Will you give me a Blowjob/Handjob/Footjob or have sex with me?

I do not offer full-service in my bookings. I don't judge those who enjoy participating in sex with professionals, however it's just not my forte to engage in these activities as part of a session. I do have friends who I can refer you to for those activities, however, and I do gladly work with them in doubles sessions as well! Just think of all the deviously cruel things to get up to when you've got two of us kinky fuckers together!

My Offerings

I have a variety of items for sale ranging from my used underwear to my own blood. I also occasionally offer special sales when I feel like doing something really special! Below you can find a link to my products page where you can own a very special and intimate part of me for your own enjoyment! Included are urine, blood, spit, shit, panties, socks, and more! Check it out and find your special indulgence!