Model, AV Actress, Pro Submissive

Professional Submissive

Edged with a degree in Mathematics I’m a naturally submissive BDSM enthusiast, fetish model, and AV actress. I am knowledgeable, smart and kinky to the core! As a professional submissive I can flexibly tune in to whatever roles you’ve imagined while we both explore and enjoy your kinks, share a few smiles and some of the most exotic games there are. The only catch is that I’m addictive. I’m a (sometimes) bratty power bottom who’s eager, attentive and intricately wary of the needs and desires of my partner. I love to play into their energy and give them exactly the attitude they’re looking for.

I’m a discreet and trustworthy person who will listen to your deepest secrets and your darkest fantasies excitedly on the edge of my seat – without judgment. I’m a warm listener who takes great pleasure in helping people find dominance in themselves. I also carry a distinct “put me in my place” aura around that will tempt you to push harder and give it your all! I’m a damn hot goth-punk bitch whose attitude shows I’m always down to play.

I’d love to tempt you into the darkest parts of your psyche and I’ll gladly meet you there. Once we play together you’ll start to feel your dominant self coming into your own. With each passing day, the traces of our experiences will sink deeper into you. The wonderful memories giving you a place to build burning confidence that grows with each passing day. I will talk to you, I will listen to you; Inviting you to join me in my world of psychodrama, excitement, and catharsis.

If you think you can keep up then let’s have some fucked-up fun together!

I am a gender-inclusive provider and happily work with people of any sexuality.

I am a disability-inclusive provider.

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